Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Win! In More Ways Than One.

My youngest grandaughter, Baby Belle, is 2 1/2 now and talking like crazy. She is also very affectionate. This week she has really begun to understand what winning and losing are all about. One day she was losing a lot of power struggles to her brother and sister. She needed to win at something so, knowing she was the closest to me, I asked them all to come give me a kiss. When the others started coming I grabbed her up, gave her a big kiss and told her "You win!" We all clapped for her and did a happy dance. She loved it! Now she will run up to me, jump in my arms and, as soon as I lift her up, she puts her little hands on either side of my face, and kisses me at least 5 times (sometimes more). Then throws her hands up over her head like a champion, smiles from ear to ear and yells, "I WIN!". Little does she know I am feeling the same way inside while she is kissing me.

Recently Jill P., a friend from CQI, had a giveaway on her blog. The prize was a vintage crochet and tatting booklet published in 1946. Well, I saw that date and knew I had to enter my name. I was born in 1946, this booklet had my name written all over it! I tat and crochet but I need constant refresher courses in both. I just knew I had to win this booklet. Imagine how I felt when she notified me that her random number selection program had spit out MY number? I WIN!!! How lucky can I get? This makes several times I have won a wonderful gift on line just since the first of the year. My cup runneth over and I am hoping it doesn't empty out, lol.

Aren't the different crocheted edgings on this cover great? There are many more just as sweet inside. And look at the original price - $.10, a bargain even then for so many wonderful patterns.

I really can't wait to start on some of these edgings for my crazy quilts. The patterns are so retro that they are desirable all over again today! Can't you just see them done in overdyed threads or all done in white and dyed as needed for different CQ projects? I am sure you are probably not going to find instructions to make these edgings anywhere but in this book (or one just like it).

The tatted edgings are different than any I have seen or that I already have in my collection. The booklet even gives instructions for going around corners with the tatting patterns. I really want to sit down and try to tat that bottom one!

Thank you Jill for giving everyone the opportunity to win this wonderful booklet. It is great to know that, for its age, it is in wonderful condition -- like me, VBG. I WIN!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Congratulations! What a lucky win indeed!

TattingChic said...

What a sweet grammy you are to that darling girl. What an important time in her life's development and you've given her something very special. Oh, that was a joy to read.

Congrats on your booklet you won! Enjoy! :)

morvoren said...

Wonderful read about grandaughter Shari! I am so happy that you won that book...doing a happy dance for you :O)
Agree the laces would be fantastic dyed....get started on making them we need eye candy!!!!
Hugs Pam

Amy said...

You are such a special grandma! Those patterns are beautiful! Have fun with it!