Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Everything IS BIGGER In Texas

The last week of February DH and I loaded up the trailer with all the collected needlework stash donations and we took off to deliver them to the ladies of Bastrop, Texas. You can read about the Texas Fire Relief Effort to help the sitchers of Bastrop and the surrounding communities over on the Stitchmap blog here.

The first day on the road we stopped for dinner at a wonderful restaurant. They advertised delicious food and a fun time. We weren't disappointed on either count.

One of their claims to fame is the free 72 oz. steak. It is free IF you can eat it all and all of the trimmings, too. I sure hope this fella didn't wind up on someone's plate the next week. He would have been pretty tough!

Of course, after wrestling with that steer I had to take a leisurely swing on the front porch in the warm evening sun before going inside to eat some vittles!

I was so full from the delish dinner (chicken fried steak, yummy!)that I just had to sit for a while in this rocker to let it digest. I can't put into words how tiny I felt in this rocking chair! But, let me tell you was a good feeling, lol. Perhaps the fella (it would have to be a man) who could eat that 72 oz. steak would fill up this chair but I felt like a flea in it.

We did consider staying at the hotel across the street for the night but it was a bit too rustic looking for me! We traveled on to keep our reservations a little further up the road.

I really want to thank the ladies of the Bastrop community for their hospitality over the next few days. We were treated to a reception at the home of Debbie H., taken on a guided tour of all the lovely shops downtown by Debbie and Lyn G., and we were invited to the Best Little Quilt Show in Texas on Friday in La Grange. I bought way too much at the vendor's booths there. The area's antique shops were also wonderful. My pocketbook got a bit lighter after I visited a few of those, lol.

I was inspired by the members of the community that I had a chance to meet. Everyone was gracious and friendly. The people of Bastrop really pulled together to help each other after the wildfires and they obviously know how to fill those big boots we always hear about. I was impressed with everyone I met and everything I saw.

Hugs, Shari


Glenda said...

You in the rocker takes me back to the Lily Tomlin sketch on Laugh-In :-).

Nicki Lee said...


Ohhhh to be back in Bastrop! I have spent many many days there visiting my bestfirend and her family before the fires. I love that little town and have met so many wonderful people there - I know how much you must have enjoyed your visit there and throughout Texas.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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