Sunday, December 21, 2008

Froggy and Friends Come Home

My EGA group had a fabric challenge this year. At our June luncheon we all received a 14" square of cotton fabric (there were actually 3 versions - a red, a green and a purple). I received the green fabric, daughter Amy received the red and friend Sharon received the purple. The challenge was to create something by the September meeting from the fabric using a needle and thread. Not being a sewing machine enthusiast I was all summer deciding whether to take up the challenge or not. The fabric was so busy and wild! It was definitely going to require sewing and it would have to be an easy project to keep my interest alive.

My grandson, Axel, gave me the inspiration I was lacking. He loves the bean bag frogs I have given my hubby over the years, especially the first big one. One day, a few weeks before his August birthday he said, "I wish I had a frog like this." And so the idea was born to take my green fabric and create a bean bag frog for him the same size as hubby's. I found the pattern (I never throw things like that away!), cut it out and decided to embellish it with embroidery stitches, beaded warts and all. Several hundred beads and sequins later I added an ultra suede tongue and two large google eyes. I gave the frog a peachy orange underbelly fabric and filled it with lentils. It was done the day before his birthday. When he opened it he was thrilled. It does sit upright when folded at the waist so he will use it on his dresser.

I told him about the contest and he told me he would "loan" me the frog for the meeting. He assured me that it would win because it was the "bestest frog in the world". Well, it did take second place. For the effort I was given a gift certificate to an advertiser of my choice from our chapter newsletter. I chose Green Valley Weavers and Knitters so I could get more needle felting supplies. At the end of the meeting I loaned the frog to the chapter for its citywide library display of needlework in honor of National Needlework month. It was on display at the Ruth Holley Branch of our library system through October. I missed the November EGA meeting and just got it back this month. It is home now, none the worse for wear and very much loved by one little 7 yr. old boy.

My daughter had made a Dotee doll from her fabric. My friend Sharon made a Dammit Doll from hers. They gave me their remnants and I made a stitch embellished red mouse carrying case for my rotary cutter. It opens at the mouth and you slip in your rotary cutter. To go with it I made a little family of mice from each of our remaining fabric swatches. They make darling pincushions. Also embellished the existing design with stitches such as chain, stem stitch and fly stitch.

Another item I want to share is a picture of my silver chantelaine. There was recently an auction on e-bay for one quite a bit more ornate than this one. It sold for over $1000. I did not pay that much but it didn't come cheap either. I have kept it in a special hiding place, bringing it out only rarely the past couple of years. Recently I have been encouraged by others to begin wearing it to EGA meetings, etc. Isn't it nice? I love it and need to show my hubby how much I appreciate his giving me the $$ to buy it. Let him know it wasn't a waste, so to speak.

This is not an especially Christmasy post but I am not too much in the mood yet. I just returned from several days spent in Denver at the hospital tending to my oldest daughter. She was in an auto accident and had to have spinal sugery on her neck. They fused 3 vertebrae. She is home now and my other daughter is staying with her during recovery. Both girls will miss being home for Christmas. They will be missed. For the sake of the grandkids living with us I will begin baking and put up the nativity tomorrow. Hopefully that will help me get in the spirit of the season. I may even get the tree decorated with their help.