Monday, November 24, 2008

Today I finalized what I will be sending out in my Secret Santa package for someone in CQForNewbies. I had a lot of fun selecting what I hope will be welcome additions to this lady's stash. I will post a picture of it later after it has been received and opened by the recipient.

I also attended BGD Grace's preK Indian PowWow (Thanksgiving) presentation at her school. I am concerned that the school's are getting away from even naming these actual holidays that are universal to Americans by names other than what they are. What is politically incorrect about celebrating Thanksgiving? No matter, the program was delightful and Grace was especially animated throughout. Her spirit of the wind ribbon dance was very sweet. We enjoyed a sumptious feast of homemade goodies afterwards with the other class members and their families. It was cute to see her in an Indian outfit. She is a child of many costumes. She has been known to be a Dalmation, Barney, a clown, an angel, a cowgirl, or one of her 2 favorites - Broncos Cheerleader or a Princess.

I also set aside some ornaments that will either be traded at my EGA chapter's ornament exchange this coming month or be sent as thank you's to some very deserving ladies I think have gone out of their way to help me and others this past month.

The 2 white ornaments are Hardanger on linen done with fine metallic braids and beads. The Santa Stocking is beaded on perforated paper and backed in felt.

The ornament below is also Hardanger on linen but is done in Perle Cotton with a metallic paper lining. Silk Ribbon rose by the hanger. It is backed in the same metallic paper. This was stitched by my youngest daughter, Amy.


susanm said...

Love your work, you have made some lovely Christmas ornaments.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gorgeous ornaments you have made! Gets me in the Christmas spirit just looking at them!