Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching Up With The New Year

My goodness! Has it really been a month since I last posted? Life has a way of making time stand still I guess. It certainly wasn't me standing still!

First, let me wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I made no resolutions this year. I never seem to meet my own expectations anyway. I have hopes that we will all stay healthy and together though.

We all had what I fondly refer to as a fractured holiday. Due to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to celebrate twice. I think many families have to do that nowadays. My daughter Kim had neck/spine surgery on 12/17/08 and that required a trip by the whole family to Denver. Then I left my other daughter, Amy, up there to take care of Kim when she got out of the hospital. They weren't cleared for travel until the 29th so DH and I made another trip to Denver and brought them home to our house. We had their Christmas the next morning. Of course they both had lots of gifts for the kids and the rest of us. That meant that there were almost as many presents under the tree on the 30th as there were on the 25th! Needless to say, the children were elated and we all were thankful that both of the girls were home with us. I am happy to report that Kim is doing fine. She went home without her 'nurse' and is managing quite nicely she says.

Next trip to Denver was to take DD home and to take Baby Belle to Children's Hospital for oral surgery the middle of the first week of January. She had 6 crowns put on at age 2! If that had been me I would have been in bed for a month - she was up the next day! Very resilient and eating so much better now that she can actually chew! Her new mantra is "Don't knock my teeth out."

The first picture below is of my oldest daughter Kim in her post-surgical hard neck brace. She didn't want to miss being there for Belle's surgery so she came in spite of her own discomfort. Below that is a picture of me trying to get 2 yr. old Belle to settle down in the pre-op prep room. Little did she know what she was in for....

I have managed to get some crazy quilt box tops pieced for the Fabulous First Timer's Round Robin that I am doing with some wonderful gals at Crazy Quilt International. I also pieced a CQ heart for the Heart Swap over at CQ For Newbies. I took my friend Connie to Pikes Peak Embroider's Guild. The next week she and I had a lace/ribbon/fabric dyeing party at her house. Found time to go shopping for beads, sequins, sequined motifs and lace at Fashions for Athletes near the Broadmoor Hotel. It is a small shop that made skating costumes and sports wear for the Broadmoor Skating Club (home of several Olympic Champions like Jill Trenary). They are closing and going out of business so were offering trims and embellishments at almost wholesale prices. The gentleman who owns the place with his wife babysat Belle while I shopped. He fell in love with her and before we left he GAVE a real ice skating costume in the smallest size they had - which she swims in! She loves it and has worn it almost everyday for at least a little while.

Here are some pictures of two small wooden jewelry boxes and the CQ piece I made to go on each of them for the CQI RR. The blue rose hankie is from my collection and the yellow trim along the one seam line is from a bag of trims I picked up at the ARC Thrift Store earlier this month. The embellished area will be within the basting lines and the rest will be trimmed and turned under when I finish the top after the RR is over.

I will post some more pictures tomorrow to show the other pieces I have told you about. Thanks for stopping by........

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