Friday, March 6, 2009

Connie's Gift & Julia's Inspiring Creation

I belong to Pikes Peak Chapter of EGA. I frequently take friends to meetings with me and sometimes they join EGA as a result. Thus was the case with my dear friend Connie K. I met Connie online not too long ago. We soon found out we were nearly neighbors. She attended the January EGA meeting as my guest and came back as a new member in February. At that meeting she gifted me with a 5 1/2" square candle holder base that was made out of some type of pottery material and painted silver. She got it, and several others, at a craft store on sale. She gave it to me and said she didn't know what we could do with them but they were priced right and too good to pass up. Here is a picture of the side of the base. Versatile pattern, huh? The top is just a smooth silver square, lol.

Recently I was browsing through Julia R's blog. She shows pictures of 3 lovely velvet pincushions that she made a bit larger than usual for holding hatpins and brooches. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I think I will apply a little creative license and take some inspiration from her creations. I want to make myself something like them using the base Connie gave me. Imagine being able to have a place to display all the brooches that I have picked up thinking I would use them in CQing. If they were displayed in such a manner I might even be tempted to grab one and wear it! Isn't it great how fate puts things right in your face sometimes and dares you to pay attention?


quiltlion said...

I cannot wait to see it done! Lyn G

marie said...

Hi Shari,
Thanks for the visit to my blog. I visited Julia - what a pretty pincushion! Thanks for mentioning it!

Connie said...

Great idea for it Shari! I wish I'd bought about 10 of these to give away at the retreat now!