Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing Catch Up & Winning

February was a lucky month for me because I won a couple of stash building contests! However, I also had severe dental problems that required extractions, lots of pain meds, and bed rest. Because of this I never got around to acknowledging the ladies who were so generous to me. So, without further ado, I would like to remedy that situation right now!

Lyn Gaskill has a Blog Teaser Contest each month having to do with old time Broadway stars. It is always a challenge and yet well worth the research effort because she puts together some wonderful stash bags, silkies and pin keeps for prizes. You may remember the dramatic red and black pin keep I won in January from her for being the first to get the bonus question correct. In February I was actually the first to answer all the Teaser questions correctly. For that I was the very happy recipient of a silkie of Mary Ryan (the starlet featured in her quiz) AND a squishie bag crammed with additional silkies and other fabulous stash enhancements!

I was also the first to answer the bonus question about Edward G. Robinson correctly. For that I won another of her wonderful pin keeps! This one she describes as being "glitzy". Boy! Is it ever! I love the colors and the sparkle! I can't believe that I am now the owner of two - count them - TWO Gaskill pin keeps!

Thank you, Lyn, for offering us all this opportunity each month and for the work you do putting together the questions and the lovely prizes.

Lyn has a wonderful display of sane art quilts on her blog right now. They are from a show she went to called "The Best Little Quilt Show In Texas". Check it out.

The next package to arrive in the mail last month was from Sue Biles, a friend from CQ For Newbies. She was the hostess of a 6" CQ Heart Swap. I sent the heart I posted on 2-1-09. She actually drew my name for the swap. She kept my heart and sent this beauty to me:

Isn't it great? I love the bleeding heart fabric and the tiny silk ribbon roses. To tell the truth, the whole heart is just great and I am so glad to have some of Sue's work in my CQ basket. Not sure what I will use it for right now but I am going to put it with the one I got from Vera Ellen of CQI until I decide. In the meantime I am developing quite a collection, huh? And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the 3 darling heart charms that she included in the package as "extras" for getting the heart mailed out to me a bit late. Not that I complained or minded, considering my own condition at the time. Thank you, Sue, for hostessing this swap and for the work you did on this heart. Also, hugs for including the charms!

Yesterday I received a box full of goodies from Cathy Kizerian, a friend from CQI. It seems her DH drew my name from all those who had entered her 100th Blog Posting Give-Away. OH BOY, what a treat the box was to open! My daughter and I wondered if it would ever empty out! I have to admit, there are some trims in there that just made us giggle. We were having so much fun saying what we could do with this, that and the other thing with each item that came out of the box - then we came upon these large fluffy, fringy, wide trims. My daughter got a little bawdy with her descriptions of where she could best put them to use. ROFLOL all over again! I am sure not going to follow her sireeeee!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful contents of that box. The fabrics are lush, the silkies, lace, hankies, and ribbons are to die for. Can't wait to use them.

Thank you Cathy for being so generous! Tell your hubby that I appreciate him drawing my name out of that bowl so so so much, VBG. Congratulations again on your 100th blog post. At the rate I am going I may never get there, but if I do I will remember your generosity and try to pay it forward.

I think this is enough for today. I will try hard not to have to do this much all at once again. Enjoy your stitching and please leave a comment - let me know what you think of this post.


Amy said...

Wow! Wonderful goodies! Have fun with all of that!

quiltlion said...

I sm so glad you liked your prizes! Looks like you had a great S.E.X. month! Lyn G.

Cathy K said...

Hi Shari - OMG what a lot of drawings you've won. I think you've used up your luck for the next decade, LOL!! Also, FYI, some of those wild trims (like the multi-colored one) have basting stitches along the bottom to hold them in line, but the stitches are meant to be removed so they hang freely. Try some of those wild things on little purses or totes (and tell DH they're not meant for showgirl costumes, LOL!!). Hugs, Cathy